Fossil Brewing Company

Founded 2013

Colorado Springs, CO

 When you drink craft beer, you're saying yes. Yes to flavor. Yes to small business. And yes to a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Our craft beer is brewed locally, in small batches, using high quality ingredients chosen by people who are obsessive about good beer. People like you.

Visit our tasting room and let us pour you a beer.

Unearthing remarkable beer for community enjoyment and enrichment.

​​​While you're here, why not stick around for some delicious local food? Colorado Springs has a plethora of food trucks and we have picked some of our favorites to be parked right out front. 

Our tasting room is open:

Tuesday: 2:00-10:00pm

Wednesday: 2:00-10:00pm

Thursday: 2:00-10:00pm

Friday: 2:00-10:00pm

Saturday:11:00am -10:00pm 

Sunday: 11:00am -6:00pm




We've got seven distinct brews on tap and even our own soda. You can see where your beer was brewed and you can meet the people who made it.

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